wallie wolfgruber



"Crossover" [2001] by Wallie Wolfgruber

"Dream Support" (excerpt), Wallie Wolfgruber & Company [Rebecca Bliss, Janet Forward, Ryoko Kudo, Jake Laub, Daniel Madoff], Baryshnikov Arts Center, New York, 2009

“Of Spotted Rockroses And Other Things By The Wayside” [2017] Choreographed and performed by Wallie Wolfgruber, Music by Luis Guerreiro and Jose Manuel Neto


"Grazioso" by Wallie Wolfgruber. Excerpt performed by Rebecca Bliss, Nicole Byrne, Seiji Gammage, Amanda Gates, Brittany Graham, Dajhia Ingram, Justin Kahan, Blythe Sturdevant, Aline Wachsmuth, Shelley Walker, 2006

"Five Arias" [2013] by Wallie Wolfgruber. Performed by Bernice Lee Yixun, Christina Chan, Jereh Leong Jian Hao, Keryn Ng Gek Theng, Star Guo Xiaoxing, Frontier Danceland, Singapore



Ballet Class
Wallie Wolfgruber teaches a ballet class that is both challenging and has a contemporary sensibility. She emphasizes anatomically correct body alignment, connectivity, fluid transitions, transversing space and dynamic phrasing. The class is designed to help dancers find the natural balance between releasing unnecessary muscle tension while building strength in areas where it is needed. A regular class consists of barre, adagio, center practice, a traveling or waltz combination, petit and grand allegro.
“Being At Home In Your Body”
Movement Practice open to all levels, based in a somatic approach including conscious breathing, meditation, visualization, massage, stretching, improvisation and partnering. This class is designed to help you feel who you are by connecting to the resources and wisdom your body provides.
Her teaching is informed by her studies of various somatic modalities. In 1996, she was certified in the Trager Approach®/Psychophysical Integration.